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      Fourth Quarter 2014 

      Third Quarter 2014

Member Publications

      Weston, Guy Oriedo, "Timbuctoo - A Free Black Community in New Jersey"  

      Weston, Guy Oriedo, "New Jersey: A State Divided on Freedom"  

      Williams, Margo Lee, From Hilltown to Strieby: Education and the American Missionary Association in the Uwharrie “Back Country” of Randolph County, North Carolina  

       Williams, Margo Lee, Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850): An Early African-American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home


        Guy Weston - "How I Use Newspapers in My Genealogy Research".  Presentation at September 28, 2019, Chapter Meeting 

        Margo Williams - "Using Deeds in Genealogy".  Presentation at March 27, 2021, Chapter Meeting 

        Chiquita Sorrels - "Research Tools for Chapter Cemetery Project".  Presentation at May 22, 2021 Chapter Meeting  

Chapter Meeting Minutes

        March 26, 2022

        January 23, 2021 



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